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THE HUNT for pianoforte, op. 9 -
The piece belongs to Casagrande’s youth, written in 1940 and published two years after. This "concert study" as defined by the author is dedicated to Signorina Adriana Morelli, the pianist who later became his companion in life.Casagrande was very fond of hunting and this piece is filled with impressions of galopping horses and the sound of the hunting horn. (In the score he writes eco lontano di corno and corno and later quasi corno). But the results are far from simple description and the whole piece is characterized by a dramatic expression which transfigures the hunt motives into intense emotion, typical of Casagrande. This piece is rich in minor tones until the finale which emerges in a brilliant major key.

SIGNS OF ZODIAC for pianoforte, op. 24 -
The piece was written in 1963 and was published two years later. It is a collection of pieces dedicated to the signs of the zodiac. As well as hunting Casagrande was very fond of painting and his 12 pieces seem to have been concieved as miniatures in sound and each one characteristic of a zodiac sign. For example he catches the instability of Acquarius and the wild force of Leo and with rythmic repetition represent the stubborness of Aries, and the explosive vitality of the Sagittarion. In Gemini the sense of duplicity is captured in the counterpoint imitated by two voices on a specular theme. This suite, which was composed at a mature age, reveals extensively the creative imagination of Alessandro Casagrande.

TWO LYRICS for soprano, horn and pianoforte, op. 43 -

TEMPO SINFONICO for pf. e orch. , op. 42, version for two pianos -

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